The Greatest Story Never Told


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There is a place that exists characterized by its rhythmic movements from a great pod of stillness which hums a timeless, nostalgic melody that ripples through space as it vibrates from beyond time.

It's the place your higher self rests while its incarnations process linear experience from time space continuums across the galaxyscapes. I have not consciously been able to go beyond this galaxy in astral travels and out of body experiences, have you?...Is it all just a simulation?

This 11.33" x 17" fine art print is a limited edition of 20.

Fits a 14" x 20" frame perfectly.


Please allow up to two weeks from order completion for this limited edition work of art to be printed, signed, and shipped.

Image of As Within, So Without (framed)
As Within, So Without (framed)
Image of Dorje (framed)
Dorje (framed)
Image of Dreamweavers Anonymous (framed)
Dreamweavers Anonymous (framed)
Image of Throw Yourself Into the Vessel of Possibilities (framed)
Throw Yourself Into the Vessel of Possibilities (framed)
Image of Florgasm
Image of Flora Fae
Flora Fae
Image of ElectromagNature
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